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Halifax News Network is a community organization that educates players about safe gambling practices and helps addicts get treatment. We take a tough stance on addiction and dubious online gambling organizations that try to defraud players in the cyber industry. Halifax News has nothing to do with betting or gambling in any way.

What We Do

We know that gambling problems can be prevented by making informed decisions, and to this end, we want to provide you with information about the advantages and disadvantages of playing online. We also tell you about the harmful effects of gambling and what high-risk gambling is. We provide all our members and followers with insider knowledge as well as a list of resources available if someone has a gambling problem. It is very important to choose the gambling platform that adheres to safe and fair online gaming rules. Those who have encountered such difficulties can familiarize themselves with the casino brands that adhere to responsible gaming from this live casino online list. You can study their rules and licenses, which is a guarantee of safety. We also actively treat game addiction with the support of other organizations: Nova Scotia Health, Canada Safety Council, CAMH.

We Help Cure:

Antisocial personality disorder

Casual social gambling addiction

Serious social gambling addiction

Compulsive pathological gambling addiction

Treatment Programs

Gambling addiction

Our gambling addiction treatment programs are the leading residential treatment program for gambling addiction and other related behavioural addictions.

 Our treatment program offers a place for individuals to address the reasons for gambling by applying the appropriate counselling tools

Treatment program

10 steps to recovery

Gamblers anonymous program for men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope to solve their common problem and help others recover from a gambling problem.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

It is a form of psychotherapy based on altering cognition, behaviour, and emotional response patterns when faced with problems.

Outdoor stress reduction

A broad range of social activities from biking, hiking, camping, riding a mountain bike and canoeing become possible in the wilderness. It is also an interesting environment for youth groups to interact together.


Taylor is the founder of the Halifax News Network. He is a Certified Canadian Counsellor and Certified Clinical Supervisor who understands the pain of gambling addiction. Taylor believes that a person can emerge from a gambling addiction as a better, stronger individual.
Taylor Funk
Founder, Executive Director
Rupert is one of the founders of the organization. He has been a leading addiction treatment specialist providing residential and outpatient treatments for over 20 years. Rupert is a proud member of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine, a co-author of gambling addiction programs.
Rupert Cassin
Founder, Addiction Counsellor
Claire blends solution-focused, narrative, and psychodynamic frameworks in her counselling practice to meet each client where they are and help them reach their destinations. Her passion for learning about different therapeutic approaches informs the way she works with clients. She strives to connect with people in uniquely adapted ways to best match their strengths and goals. Claire is a Registered Clinical Counsellor.
Claire Hintz
Founder, Director of Development, Addiction Counsellor


Our members are many experts from different fields. They have been researching the Sociology of Gambling Addiction which is believed to be a first-of-its-kind study in the world. They have visited casinos, conducted surveys with gamblers and performed psychological tests on them.

Here are some of them:

Evangeline Dooley

Addiction Medicine Physician

Paxton Cronin


Elliott Kuhic

Addiction Counsellor

Carey Hickle

Client Care Support Worker

Amiya Mertz

Partner's Group Facilitator

You can also get involved and help addicts get rid of their problems. To do this, go to the Become a Member page.